A Brave New World Essay

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Throughout much of modern history the primary goal of mankind has been that of constant progress. The progress that has been made so far, in the last century for example, is staggering and applies to both scientific and societal matters. One of the questions raised by Aldous Huxley’s work Brave New World is whether this kind of progress is leading to a desirable future. The would-be utopian society depicted by the novel is technically perfect when it comes to the major issues our society must face: there are no conflicts or diseases, everyone has the basic necessities, and all citizens are happy. However the Brave New World would be considered by most to be a dystopia because of how different it is from our own society. This is where the character …show more content…

He was raised according the morals of society on the reservation, which could not be more different from the way people are conditioned in the Brave New World. The conditioning makes the citizens of Brave New World absolutely disgusted by old age, injuries and families (153). In the same vein, John was disturbed by the science of the Brave New World such as all of the twins created through the Bokanovsky process. Simple differences such as these between John and the people of the Brave New World guaranteed that he would never be able to truly belong in that society. This is reflected by the fact that John was always referred to as “the Savage” or “Mr. Savage”. Ultimately, John never really belonged in either Malpais or in the Brave New World and was completely on his own. The way that John saw the world may coincide with our own morals, but in the Brave New World his beliefs were outdated. The morals and values of our society had long been replaced by a more efficient system, one so vastly different it could no longer be recognized by us. John represents what remained of a society like ours and was left behind by the progress the Brave New World made. He was left alone, stuck halfway between Malpais and the Brave New World. Unwilling to fall back and not capable of catching up, John made the best of what he had but was unable to find his

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