A Career In Cosmetology

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Have you ever thought about doing hair or makeup or even opening your own salon?! Cosmetology industry is professionals who earn their living by beautifying their customers in some form, whether it is through hair care, skin or nail care, or applying makeup. Cosmetologists or beauty professionals, must complete a specific number of hours of training through an accredited school, and also have specific skills and a great personality. If you wanna become a professional cosmetologist you need skills. Cosmetologist are beauty professionals who work on hair, skin, and nails to keep them healthy and attractive. Responsibilities are included in this career, such as cut, style, and color hair and apply products to correct problems such as dandruff. Most cosmetologist are employed by salons, or own their own business. They have 16 career clusters and their salary range is from 17k-52k. Cosmetology is a lot of work but if it’s what you want to do follow your dream and be successful. In cosmetology you need ALOT of training and school education. The high school classes you need is a state licensure, 13% of hair dressers, hair stylists and cosmetology. Also, $23,140 for hairdressers, hair…show more content…
Education is a big thing in this career because you need to make sure you know what you're doing and have background knowledge or at least know what you're talking about. Have characteristic traits is a great thing because those traits show your customers or your trainer who your are as a person and if you really want this career and want to take this serious. Remember don't ever be a quitter even if it's the toughest career if it's what you want to do follow your dream and don't give up keep tryin, show people your strong. Cosmetology is the best career you can do and shows you a lot of things you wouldn't think you can learn, the most top thing is it's very fun, you can never be

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