A Passionate Pursuit: Transforming Lives As A Nurse

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A Passionate Pursuit: Transforming Lives as a Nurse
Growing up in the humble nation of Nepal, I witnessed firsthand the disparities in healthcare and the profound impact it had on the lives of individuals. I was inspired from a young age to become more than "just" a nurse. My personal journey fueled a burning passion within me to ensure that every person receives equal and compassionate treatment, leaving no room for the injustices of the past. As a refugee, I faced numerous challenges upon arriving in the United States at the age of 9, including the struggle to learn English and adapt to a new community. However, each hurdle I encountered served as a testament to my resilience and determination. This essay explores my unwavering commitment …show more content…

The fear of not being good enough or smart enough to pursue a career in nursing held me back. However, I carried with me the wisdom imparted by my father: "One should never forget where they came from." This simple yet profound statement reminded me of my roots, the challenges I overcame, and the resilience that defined my journey. It propelled me to embrace my unique experiences as sources of strength, knowing that they would shape my ability to connect with and empathize with others.
In high school, I found solace and inspiration in an unexpected place—a quote from my favorite anime, spoken by Uzumaki Naruto: "Once you question your own belief, it's over." These words resonated deeply with me, urging me to question and challenge my doubts and insecurities. I refused to let self-doubt hinder my pursuit of becoming a nurse. Fueled by a passion to make a difference and armed with the belief that every individual deserves compassionate care, I enrolled in health-related classes and laid the foundation for my journey into the field of …show more content…

I aspire to be someone's voice, their reason to smile amidst adversity. By leveraging my personal experiences, cultural understanding, and unwavering commitment to equality, I aim to bridge the gaps in healthcare and serve as an advocate for those who cannot advocate for themselves. However, the journey to achieving my goals comes with financial challenges. Coming from an immigrated middle-class family, finance has always been an issue in my household. My parents are working day and night to fulfill my dream of becoming a nurse, as I am the first generation in my family to go to college. This scholarship would not only provide me with the necessary financial support but also alleviate the burden on my family. It would be an immense help in getting closer to achieving my aspirations and ensuring a brighter future for myself and my

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