A Rhetorical Analysis Of Mother Tongue By Amy Tan

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In the essay “Mother Tongue " Amy tans experiences very matured situations as she had to be her mother’s entrepreneur for all her life. Many children may have already experience translating for their parents in many different situations. Many parents English and grammar are pronounced wrong and feel embarrassed to speak so they tell their children to translate for them or to make calls for them pretending it's the mother or the father. Tan used English language and grammatical speaking to help her mother translate. Many children or young teens feel ashamed and hurt because they might not take their parents seriously. Reversing rolls with their parents could have a heavy impact on their children. Many times their isn't many options for their parents, but many of them could study to become better at their English language, they need to do that so their children won't have to go through matured situations that they shouldn't be going through such as …show more content…

For example tan had realized she had " language of intimacy meaning her mother’s English was " broken" .Tan and her mother had a very strong bond they both understood each other perfectly, but when they would go out in public that's when there was a problem. People disrespected her mother in restaurants, stores etc. people would always be rude and give her looks. A lot of young teens have to be bilingual and many of those times their bilingual because they learn and speak English outside of their home and when they arrive to their house they only speak Spanish or another language. That may be rough because they have to be bilingual for their parents. Adults and parents should take the Initiative to practice their English, to take a stand and maybe take online classes, go to school or even tell their children to teach them. They should take that stand because no child should ever have the responsibility to have matured situations for their

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