A Separate Peace Movie Vs Book

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In the beginning of the book Mary was stuck in a room with no windows and never got outside, but in the movie she was allowed out of her room and did go outside to play. I thought that the movie did a better job with this then the book did. The book just kind of said this and then moved on with the story. The movie gave a little bit more detail on the subject. Her parents died by a large earthquake in the movie, but in the book they both died along with other people in their kingdom from cholera, and that is why Mary had to go stay with her uncle Mr. Craven. I don’t think the way her parents died really affected the story; it just changed the reason why she had to go live at Misselwaite Manor. When Mary was going to meet Mrs. Medlock at the train station, …show more content…

She just yelled at him and told him how spoiled he was. In the movie Mrs. Medlock got mad at Mary for constantly going to see Colin and disobeying her. She locked Mary in her room to punish her, but Mary found a secret door to get to Colin, and they went outside with Dickon to the secret garden. In the book Martha’s mother came to help with the children and was like a mother towards them. In the Movie she never appeared once, they only mentioned her when she gave Mary the skipping rope. I thought they should have added her in to the Movie she was a big part in the book and I think would have made the movie better. Another thing Martha’s mother helped with is keep the garden a secret and make sure no one else new that Colin could walk and run. Towards the end of the book Martha’s mother sent a note to Mr. Craven to tell him that he needed to come back. In the end of the movie Mary, Colin, and Dickon did a fire ritual, to give Mr. Craven a dream to come back to Misselthwaite Manor. In the movie Colin was playing a game blindfolded with Mary and Colin when he ran into his

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