Achievements Of The Mayans Essay

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The Mayans created many remarkable achievements. The Mayans lived in Mexico on the Yucatán Peninsula. During their time of reign in 500-1500, they invented many remarkable achievements by having enough power to influence their people. This added much power to their culture by achievements was available. There are four specific achievements like their trade network, the Mayan city of El Mirador, the number system, and the Mayan calendars. The Mayan trade network was impressive because of its scale and physical effort. They were able to trade without direct communication over land and sea. Without modern vehicles, the Mayans had to put in the effort of carrying everything by hand or small boat. The city of El Mirador consisted of large pyramids …show more content…

The Maya only used three signs: the dot • signifying the number one, the bar —— signifying the number two, and the shell signifying the number zero. Making these took much genius and had much significance. The Maya was not influenced by any other civilization, they completely thought of this number system themselves. The significance of this is that they were the first ever civilization to have the number zero. It is extremely important to have a symbol for zero because it needs to hold the place value in numbers like ten, twenty, thirty, etc. Therefore, the number system is one of the most remarkable achievements invented by the Mayans. Although the Mayans had marvelous achievements like the their trade network, the Mayan city of El Mirador, the number system, and the Mayan calendars, the number system is most likely the most remarkable one. Without it, astronomy would not be able to be studied to make the calendars. The calculations needed to make the buildings in the city of El Mirador would be impossible without the numbers. Their trade network would need numbers to know how much they are trading with each other. All in all, the Mayan invention of the number system is the most remarkable

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