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Ada Lovelace was not a standard woman for her time. She was born 10 December 1815 from a poet father and a mother who loves sciences and mathematics. Her name at birth was Augusta Ada King. Her father, Lord Byron left his family when Ada was one month old and never saw her again. He died when she was eight years old. Her mother didn’t take care much of her but was very strict on her education. She was scared that her daughter will be like her father and follow him in poetry, and become an insane person. In those time, little was known about mental health, and her father has probably a bipolar disorder. It was her maternal grandmother and servants who raised her, but her grandmother died when she was seven years old.
In those times, it was impossible for a girl to go to university, but her mother hired private tutors to give her daughter the most valuable education. She studied mathematics and sciences, but her mother required that she also studies music and French because it was socially looked-for. At the age of seventeen, she met Charles Babbage, today known as the father of computer science. He was working on a machine that will be able to calculate a ton of numbers. He called it the “difference engine”. It was refreshing for Babbage to see a so …show more content…

They got three children: Byron, born on 123 May 1836; Anne Isabella born on 22 September 1837 and Ralph Gordon born on 2 July 1839. All three children have a non-conventional life. Byron left the family, at the age of sixteen, not long after her mother’s death. He worked on a ship as a carpenter and die ten years later. Anne Isabella lived a stable life until she was thirty, than she get married with a poet and flown to adventure. She was the first woman to cross the Arabian Desert. She also raised horses and developed the Arabians breeds with the stallions she brought back. Ralph Gordon was also adventurous. He was a mountain climber and an

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