Advantages And Disadvantages Of A Single Family House

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Buying or renting a townhouse from Property Guru is an exciting opportunity whether you’re looking to invest, make a permanent home, or a weekday home close to work. If it is your fist time looking at townhouses, you may be wondering how it differs from buying or renting other types of property and what questions you should be asking the landlord or real estate agent. These are the main points to look out for while you are house hunting:
1. Neighbours
A townhouse shares walls and sometimes communal areas with neighbouring houses so it is more important to ensure that your neighbours won’t be making excessive amounts of noise at all hours. It isn’t always possible to deduce this from a single visit with your real estate agent so a safer bet is to make some enquiries around the neighbourhood. Tell people you are looking at properties in the area and ask if there are any problem neighbours you should be wary of. If you hear too many stories of domestic disputes, loud parties, or other annoying habits then this is a red flag that you should look into another area.
2. Maintenance Costs
There is a lot of debate over the benefits and disadvantages of townhouses over single family homes, but they usually boil down to personal preference. The biggest benefit usually given to townhouses is the money and time saved on maintenance costs. The upkeep is relatively low, usually only a small patio, which may be part of the communal space that the housing association is in charge of looking

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