Advantages And Disadvantages Of Social Media

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3) The most unique advantage of social media is the ability to get help from your followers. People love to share things with their networks, from photos and recipes to interesting articles and hot deals. Unlike other forms of Internet marketing, like your site and paid advertisements, content on social media is often shared. Thus giving you a wider reach with lower cost as compared to a traditional marketing campaign.
4) It facilitates two-way communication that allows you to build meaningful relationships with potential customers. This makes them more confident in their decision to trust your business, and it encourages them to choose your brand in the future.
5) Businesses can also use social media to gain valuable information about their customers that will help make smarter business decisions. For example, social listening allows discovering how people feel about one 's company and brand. With social listening, one can uncover conversations about their business and answer questions about their offerings. What do people like about one 's business? How can one improve their product and services to better meet the needs of their target audience? Understanding the answers to these questions can one 's business stand out from the competition and reach more people? These are few major advantages seen, but there may be many other hidden advantages of it which can be felt practically when a company uses these social networking platforms for their benefit.
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