Alex Libby

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Alex Libby is a teen activist who fights against bullying. Throughout his years of school, Alex was bullied because of the way he looked. He didn’t want other kids to go through what he did, so he decided to fight for what’s right. Alex was chosen to star in the documentary “Bully” and to talk about his life as a kid and what he went through. Alex’s bullying experiences, The documentary “Bully”, and Bullying, in general, are very important to his fight. Alex Libby is fighting for all people who are being bullied, not one million or 100 million, everyone. Alex’s Bullying Experiences

Growing up, Alex Libby had dreadful bullying experiences in Elementary school, middle school, and high school. As a child, Alex Libby was bullied because of the way he looked. Alex had no friends by his side, some thinking the bullies scared his genuine friends away. In sixth grade, Alex had no friends to claim his own. His friends only grew to four in seventh grade. Before he starred in the film “Bully”, no one would even bother to come up to Alex to say, “Hi”. When Alex was bullied, he never fought back because he only wanted a friend to hang out with. The bullying still continued during bus …show more content…

In most schools, nearly half of all teachers are never trained in bullying prevention. Bullies are mostly cruel to innocent young children. Only one-third of students between ages 12 - 18 report being bullied. Students now judge or will be judged by the way they look, dress, speak, or their hair style. Over 2,000 American teenagers turn to suicide because of bullying. More than 3 million kids miss school every month from bullying. In the U.S.A., 1.3 million students are victims of bullying. Scientific studies have shown that students from fourth - eighth grade, nine out of ten students are bullied. Alex Libby, wants all of that to stop so that innocent kids don’t have to worry about getting bullied or missing school because of

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