Bullying Alex Faced

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“I don’t believe in luck, I believe in hope.”This is a quote by the high school teen activist, Alex Libby. Alex Libby got bullied throughout 6th and 9th grade. He was physically assaulted, so he starred in a bully documentary titled Bully and he now is a spokesperson for the bullying cause.

The Bullying Alex Faced Alex Libby believes that bullying is definitely not something to joke about, and he knows this because he has experienced some of the worst types of bullying. For example, he has gotten his face slammed into the bus seats, he got choked on the bus, he has gotten threatened to get killed, threatened to have his bones broken, and threatened to get assaulted. And all of this was happening, because people didn’t like how he had …show more content…

Lee Hirsch wanted to show everyone what bullies are doing to Alex. Lee thinks that “It’s just Kids being Kids” should not be a response anymore for physical and emotional abuse from other kids. Lee thought if he makes the documentary it could possibly show kids what is going on. When Lee was bullied, he could go home and it would stop. Now, you can go home and get a text, or you can put up a YouTube video and 200 people say horrible stuff on it, or someone has launched a website about you and stuff like that is really terrifying for some people. Alex Libby was tired of people being mean to others and to him. So Alex decided to take part in Bully so that people would stop tormenting him. Being on Bully help Alex a lot. While he was on the show, he was in a 2-year depression from all of the bullying. After the show was over he wasn’t being bullied anymore. Alex was on Bully not only because he wanted to stop getting bullied, but also because it focuses on families coping with the abuse of their children that they are facing from bullying. It also focuses on trying to show what kids are facing when they are getting bullied, and what it looks like. After being on the show, Alex was working very hard in class, bringing all of his grades up, all because he was on Bully. Another thing that Alex Libby got out of for

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