Alfred Hitchcock's Influence On The Film Industry

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An immigrant is someone who has moved to a new place from where they are native to. Immigration has influenced the way Americans live today. People from all over the world come to America looking for freedom or a new way of life, and each person brings with them their own unique culture and traditions. Because of this, America has come to be known as a melting pot, and this shows throughout each industry. Immigration has positively contributed to politics, religion, and entertainment in America today. One well known immigrant who has contributed to America today is Alfred Hitchcock. He has immensely impacted the entertainment industry of America as we know it. Throughout his life, Hitchcock was drawn to the filmmaking industry. He received his first chance to direct a full-length film in 1925, and the movie was called “The Pleasure Garden”. In 1967, he finally received an Honorary Lifetime Achievement Oscar for his many works in the film business. Not only were his movies a hit with the public, but he also used his talents to help out during World War 2. During the War, Hitchcock made propaganda films for the allies. His many life achievements did not go unnoticed, and in 1980 he was knighted by Queen Elizabeth the second (Andrew).…show more content…
In coming to the United States, not only did he bring his cultures and traditions, but also his unique assets and talents. Growing up, his father was a garment worker, and he was first exposed to the naturalistic style of acting at his local community theater. There he learned the basics and necessities of acting. However, his career in theater did not begin until he joined the Theater Guild as an actor and assistant stage manager. Another one of his many accomplishments was that he was on broadway, an achievement many actors and actresses can only dream of. Strausberg helped to create the broadway platform of America today (“Lee
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