Alienence Of Alien Refugees

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Mobility is freedom for human beings and once restricted, humans are stuck in one area for long and multiple security issues arise for the affected people. There are significant numbers of security concern arising from many large long standing refugee camps present in the world today given the fact that security concerns have been acknowledged not only by the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) executive community but also the United Nation Security Council evidently see that these protracted refugees settled in camps usually experience serious prolonged psychological problems including stress traumatization, depression, behavioral and emotional problems.
As the dynamics of refugees is shifting gears worldwide, most refugees trapped in protracted refugee situations are forced to live in isolated and insecure refugee camps and face a number of personal safety protection and human rights challenges. Levels of sexual and physical violence in refugee camps are typically very high, and refugee women and children are always vulnerable and at risk most of the time. The prolonged encampment of refugee populations has also led to the violation of a number of refugee rights, including freedom of movement. Faced with these restrictions, refugees become dependent on subsistence-level assistance, or less, and lead lives of poverty, frustration and unrealized

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