Business Case Study: Amazon. Com

1216 Words5 Pages is a fortune 500 e-commerce company based in Seattle, WA. Amazon was one of the first big companies to sell goods over the internet. The company was founded by Jeff Bezos in 1994, and launched in 1995. They started out as an online bookstore and then quickly diversified by adding others items, such as VHS tapes and DVDs, Music CDs, software, video games, electronic,MP3s,clothing,furniture,toys and even food items.
When amazon first launched in 1995 as a website that only sold books, founder Jeff Bezos had a vision for the company’s explosive growth and e-commerce domination. He knew from the very beginning that he wanted Amazon to be “an everything store”.
Amazon is one of the more innovations of online retailers, and has experienced
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in India, the third largest e commerce market in the world. Amazon India was launched in June 2013. Since foreign e-commerce companies were not allowed to allowed to hold their own inventory and sell directly to consumers in India, Amazon launched its marketplace model which enabled third party sellers to trade their products.
Since it was launched in India Amazon has built up one of the biggest online product ranges in the country. The case discusses the strategies Amazon India adopted to win over the Indian market. However, some analysis felt that amazon had made a big strategic mistake in trying to crack yet another emerging market after its fiasco in China and Brazil.
The case is structured to achieve the following teaching objectives
Understand the e-commerce market of an emerging country.
Evaluate the entry and expansion strategy of amazon India.
Analyze the challenges Amazon India faces in winning over this key emerging market.
Explore strategies that Amazon India could adopt to overcome these challenges and become the leading e-commerce company in India
Study and assess the issues and challenges of running an e-commerce company in India

Amazon Competing in an Emerging Market
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The company also launched “easy ship” which would allow sellers to select a product to be picked up and shipped by Amazon .The service would also include cash on delivery for these sellers orders.
SWOT Analysis
A brand well respected for prices and customer convenience.
Online trading company that has come through the recession relatively well.
Accumulated technological expertise in retailing and customer management technology.
Amazons net margin has been positive, but no matter than many bricks and mortar retailers
Amazons self-publishing facilities will change the publishing industry business model, but the beneficiary may not be Amazon.
Amazon is poised to exploit the shift to cloud and other third party services.
Amazons kindle, which has made eBooks respectable has conquered only a small part of the publishing industry.
Amazon web services face competition from established providers: Dell, Microsoft and Google.
Merchant services are in competition with a host of internet payment service providers located across the

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