American Dream Immigrants

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The “American Dream” was once a reason for immigrants to travel to America and make life better for themselves and their family than it was in their home country. Many immigrants today still make this migration into America to chase the “American Dream”. This chase of the dream was especially exemplified during the late 1800s and early 1900s. This was due to America becoming fully industrialized and many European immigrants trying to escape the economic downturn in Europe. While many were successful in this “American Dream” many others were not as fortunate. The “American Dream” is being able to make a life better than where one first started, but the “American Dream” is harder to access in modern days because of the economy and the sheer population. …show more content…

As the generations continued along, the “children more and more…[realized] their common destiny in America” (Roosevelt 10). The common destiny of each person and their families was to be able to improve their socio-economic standing and work their way up in each job they had. Many immigrants expected to get a job as soon as they were settled and would be able to afford the basic necessities for their expanding family. A majority of the jobs available were in factories and being part of an assembly line. This was due to the fact that in that time period America was become fully industrialized and every person could be part of something in order to improve the state of the country. In effect the people chasing the “American Dream” were helping the country grow and prosper. Many of the immigrants were thankful for their job and worked to their …show more content…

While the dream was created by the original Americans, it drew many immigrants into America and they contributed to the building of America. An immigrant was eventually seen as “an American, who leaving behind him all his ancient prejudices and manners, receives new ones from the new mode of life he has embraced” (de Crèvecoeur 28). Many immigrants, while not being American from birth became American because they embraced the culture and wanted to work towards and strive to improve the country that they now call home. Therefore, they should have the same access to the “American Dream” that any other person should get. America is a country of immigrants and was started because of the will of others to pursue the “American Dream” even when it was not called

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