American Involvement After Revolutionary War

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After the Revolutionary War, the Founding Fathers began to develop the country. This Founding Fathers were at first lost and confused at where they should go after the war because the United States Constitution did not leave them an outline that could be followed. In the end, through various attempts and risky tries the country finally began to continue onto the correct pathway. However, the peace and tranquility did not last long, the colonies became aggravated at the interference the British had on them. Then, in 1812, a war broke out once again between the Americans and British. In the early stages of the war, the U.S had an advantage because there was also an ongoing war between Britain and France. However, when the France surrendered, the British was able to focus its war with the Americans again. Therefore, the Americans had to adapt to new orders and directions, but in the end, the Americans succeeded and…show more content…
During the war, “the naval victories on the northern lakes and the high seas and the success of privateers around the globe demonstrated that, given the right odds, the nation’s armed ships matched up well against even the vaunted and seemingly invincible Mistress of the Seas”(PBS 1). Even though many countries initially considered the United States as a weak and defenseless country, the remarkable victories it made completely altered the view of the foreign countries. The Americans were able to prove their strength to the other countries so therefore, many countries decided to became allies with the United States.With more foreign allies, when future war broke out between the Americans and other countries, it was easier for the Americans to succeed and win in the war. Therefore, the positive impact brought by the War of 1812 was considered to be crucial to the future successes in the
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