How Did France Influence The American Revolution

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Before America became what it is today, it had to fight a war to gain its independence. The American colonists wanted freedom from the oppressive British monarchy which limited their freedom in a growing colony. War eventually became the answer to gaining the independence and freedom that the early Americans desired. As any American knows, America gained independence after a long fought war with the British in the late 1700’s. But they had help in the fight for freedom and they were influenced significantly by other international powers.
During the span of the American Revolution, many foreign countries helped America in the fight for independence. One country in particular was France. France began to aid America in the Revolutionary War after America won the Battle of Saratoga in 1777 (Brackemyre). Because the Americans won this battle, it showed France that America had a chance of winning against the British (Brackemyre). France supported America in several ways; they sent military troops, gave significant financial support, and military supplies …show more content…

The Constitution was made, to establish certain limits on what the government can and cannot do (“The Preamble”). The Preamble at the beginning of the Constitution was also made to help clarify the tone of the document and to show that the United States was a unified country, which it was not under British rule (“The Preamble”). Within the Constitution, the first 10 amendments, called the Bill of Rights, were made to establish certain freedoms, because the American people didn’t have “natural rights” under British rule (“The Bill of Rights”). Certain freedoms that were guaranteed within the Bill of Rights are freedom of religion, freedom of due process law, freedom to privacy, equality before the law, and freedom of press, speech, assembly, and petition (“The Bill of

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