Examples Of Overcoming Obstacles

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Overcoming adversity and obstacles can be some of the greatest struggles in life. Any type of challenge or draw back that someone faces will have some type of effect on their life. If it is something minor like being embarrassed or a major issue like a death, it will leave some sort of impact on the person, but their job is to overcome that barrier. Some ways to defeat obstacles are to never give up, understand failure, accept rejection, and believe in oneself. One key aspect for people who are trying to rise above adversity is to never give up. By giving up and quitting, they are simply giving into fear and letting it overtake them. Diana Nyad, a speaker at a TEDtalk in 2013 was practically an expert at never giving up. She had a goal since she was 20 years old to swim across the ocean and didn’t achieve this goal unlit her 60’s. During those many year, Nyad was told a countless amount of times that this plan was impossible. Even after being told this several times, she never once gave up and proudly accomplished this goal by swimming from Cuba to the Florida Keys. When she finished and walked up the sand in Florida, her first words were “Never, ever give up” (Nyad). This is a fantastic example of never giving up since Nyad had been working for this achievement for about 40 years. When someone is so close to giving up, but keep working and finally complete their goal, they will feel an overwhelming amount of joy (Nyad). Another important detail to master challenges is
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