Examples Of Overcoming An Obstacle Essay

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How to overcome an obstacle you ask? An obstacle is a problem that you have to face with- overcome a problem you have to have the courage to face it. once in my past I had a problem, my problem was my grades at school. My grades was lower than the average I handle it by working hard and focusing on my subjects. After working hard on my grades, my hard work paid off. My grades went up and my grades was above average. After that I just kept working hard to conquer that obstacle. I found that facing a barrier in life will make you a stronger person mentally than any person you know because you have that courage to face that barrier in life. Other people, they just let fear in and don 't face their obstacle. They just fail in life and you should …show more content…

If every person have the courage to reach for their goals I think everybody is going to be successful no matter what situation they are even though they’re poor. To fulfill your goal you need to be focused on what’s your goal and don’t get distracted by what people tell if some person tell you to stop reaching for your dream they probably didn’t try hard to reach their dreams so they’re there to bring people down. I know that you’re gonna get distracted but you need to stick what your goal is. You can act like a five year old kid because if a five year old kid really wants something they are not going to stop until they get what they want no matter what problem you throw at them they will not stop. Kids don’t take obstacle personally they just look at them as a game, for example when parents say that it’s cold or raining outside they will figure out a way to go outside. In more specific way you need to find a way to defeat your obstacle, You can also listen to inspirational music to boost you up and if that doesn 't work you can go out and unwind and relax for a little and forget all of your

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