Analyse The Differences Between The 13 Coonies And The Thirteen Colonies

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Analyse the differences between the 3 regions

The Thirteen Colonies were categorized into three groups: New England colonies, the Middle colonies and the Southern colonies. Each of these regions were completely different, meaning the location of course, and because of how each location was and is affected environmentally. Although these regions were founded by the English, different agricultural and industrial opportunities led to a unique economy, religion, and social order. Each region had their own type of houses, crops, churches, and values. They were very similar in some things but very different in others. The Southern Colonies were established as economic projects and were looking for natural resources to provide material wealth to the region and themselves. In the other hand New England colonists were mainly religious and protestors. The Middle colonies welcomed everybody. People with different religious beliefs, lifestyles, etc. They had very diverse ways of living.
The climate and topography were a big part of why such big differences existed. New England was a very cold region, it was the coldest out of the two other regions. It had very bad soil since, during the ice age large glaciers scraped away all the rich soil and displaced it south to the middle colonies. This left a rocky land which made farming very challenging. It affected the agriculture because there was very bad soil which meant that the crops that the farmers grew were only enough to feel their
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