Analysis Of Dennis Baron's Essay 'Tired Pronouns'

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In the world today people choose not to be simply classified as female and male anymore. While this has changed for the better for people to identify themselves however they please , with pronouns comes specific grammar. In Dennis Baron's essay “Facebook Multiples Genders but Offers Users the same Three Tired Pronouns” the author speaks upon the different weighs between gender and grammar. Therefore I claim that as gender is extended correct grammar should follow.

Barons essay argues that the availability of gender preference is higher followed by the limit on grammar towards gender. He gives examples of all 58 gender choices facebook offers trying to come to reason in why it is contradicted by three tired pronouns he, she, and they. …show more content…

Then I thought to myself is gender only seen as important to appeal the public eye. If someone is addressed one way why can it not be a simple pronoun be fit for that word.

In Ralph Emerson's “The Language of the Street” I feel as if he connects to Baron’s idea in piece of his text. Emerson states “I contrary to our grammar rules”. “This shows the comparison between identity and language even through grammar. In the text Baron says “The persons at facebook are enlightened enough to acknowledge gender as fluid, but when it comes to grammar their thinking identifies into masculine, feminine, and neuter”. This quote corresponds to my thesis because this certain language is seen as less than identity and both should equally correlate to each other.
Dennis Baron's essay reflects on gender being uplifted, in contrast to grammar certain minds are unable to bend. Gender is looked at in many ways from male and female to Non-binary and pangender. I believe that language should be at most connected to identity and not limited to three tired

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