Analysis Of Like Water For Chocolate By Laura Esquivel

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In Laura Esquivel’s Like Water for Chocolate, she utilizes personification to accentuate the heavy impact emotions can bring to the preparation of food. Tita thought back to advice Nacha had given her about how tamales “can be heated day after day and still stay raw, because the tamales are angry” (219). Similar to humans, foods have emotions that cause them to be unwilling to perform tasks. After witnessing Tita and Rosaura’s fight, Tita’s raw anger caused the distraught of the tamales, which led them to be uncooperative. To cure this, Tita “[has] to sing to them, which makes them happy, then they’ll cook” (219). As Tita channeled all her happy thoughts with Pedro and sung to the tamales, she transferred this joy onto the tamales, causing

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