Analysis Of Rudolfo Anaya's A Celebration Of Grandfather

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Respect is defined as “relation or reference”. In the story, “A Celebration of Grandfather,” by Rudolfo Anaya, he shows his relationship between his grandfather and him. The relationship was good because he still remembered the times he spent with his grandfather even though he passed away. His grandfather taught him to be respectful to his elders. The theme of this story is a person always has to show the respect to his or her elders. In the story, the narrator described his grandfather as a giant and also a silence person. For example, “Bearded and walrus-mustached, he stood five feet tall, but to me as a child he was a giant.”(pg.24 par.14) This sentence shows that the narrator thought his grandfather was tall like a giant. Furthermore, when the narrator grow up, he realized that his grandfather wasn’t a giant, but everything the narrator saw that was big was giant to him. Also, the grandfather was quiet, but when he spoke, he said things right to the point. For example, “my grandfather calmly said:’know where you stand.’”(pg.24 par.15) This sentence shows that the grandfather spoke shortly and sharply when there was an important situation between the …show more content…

For example, “‘They don’t make men like that anymore’ is a phrase we hear when one does to honor to a man.”(pg.27 par.33) This sentence shows that the narrator respect his grandfather because there are not many people who have the same personality with his grandfather.furthermore, the narrator will alway remember his grandfather in a good way even though he passed away. Another example, “The old people I remember from my childhood were strong in their beliefs…”(pg.22 par.2) This sentence shows that the narrator remember the elders from his past. Furthermore, he realized that every person was working with each other. Therefore, the narrator knew that he have to show the respect to every single elders, not only his

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