Analysis Of Standardized Nursing Language By Marjorie A. Rutherford

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Marjorie A. Rutherford is more knowledgeable in implementing the Nursing Intervention Classification (NIC) and Nursing Outcome Classification (NOC) and has more than thirty years of experience in performing this terminology. It is interesting her about the role of nurses in the caring for the patient. She focuses on a statistically important issue of the standardized nursing language. She can also highlight the points of an impressive conclusion that excites the target audience. She additionally explains how standardized nursing language will improve patient care. The author's argument uses ethos and pathos in the form of personal stories and tells of her extensive research and analysis in the area and to make her readers believe in her credibility. …show more content…

This appeal to the ethos, combined with her friendly tone, creates an effective argument. The author's ethos is strong because of the reputation she brings to her writing and her use of pathos and also logos to appeal to her target audience. In the article, Standardized Nursing Language, Marjorie A. Rutherford clearly defined the standardized language is a "common language, readily understood by all nurses, to describe care" (2008). The overall strength of this article is to make nurses knowledgeable to the different kind of terminology for the intervention and care for the patient. To support her arguments and convince the readers, the author utilized the rhetorical strategies through her prestige. She clearly explained and elaborated the purpose of the standardized nursing …show more content…

It is essential for the writer to focus and be able to develop interesting arguments. She can highlight the points of an impressive conclusion about the use of logos that excite the target audience. Through the effective use of compelling arguments, the author can connect with her target audience. She pointed out on how to use the different terminology and become effective in the care of patients. She has the ability of making decision and possess a talent in solving the specific problem on her

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