Analysis Of The Buyer Decision Process Of Porsche

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1. Analysis of the buyer decision process of a traditional Porsche customer.
There are five stages in buying decision process which are shown through following diagram:

Porsche is a reputed company and it is well known to customers. In case of difficult situation of purchase, customer can follow all the five stages such as purchasing of durable goods of new brand. Here, Porsche is a unique company for producing card for a small and distinctive segment of automobile buyers. The company follows niche branding strategy. Therefore customer can ignore the first three stages of buying process and can give importance on 4th and 5th stages i.e. Purchase Decision and Post-purchase decision.

2. Contrast the traditional Porsche customer decision process to the decision process for a Cayenne or a Panamera customer.
The two models are fully different from each other and from normal model of Porsche. Cayenne is a sport looking car and the size is medium. It has five seats and five doors. Panamera is larger than Cayenne and it falls under luxury category. It has five doors fastback. So, the above differences between those cars influence the buying decision process of customer. Here, first stages of buying process i.e. need recognition is required for both customer groups of Cayenne and Panamera. Traditional customers of Porsche may ignore the second stage i.e. information search because the information regarding the cars of Porsche is already known to them. But the

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