Analysis Of Zombies All ! The Janus-Faced Zombie

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Artist Statement In general, we chose zombies as the monster we wanted to write about. We chose short story as the medium and used it to demonstrate our ideas. Our project took a critical view of social and political issues. As Eric Boyer said in his article “Zombies All! The Janus-Faced Zombie of the Twenty-first Century,” the zombie plays the role of a lens through which to see the world in a unique way and the zombie can help make sense of the rhetoric surrounding, and responses to the “war on terror” (Boyer 1139). In our work, we chose zombies as the medium to show our concerns. We gave a different insight into illustrating our concerns about people’s reaction towards alienated society. Moreover, we focused on the negative aspects of…show more content…
In fact, when we proceeded with our work, we found that the most important social issue generated by alienated society is the public hypercorrection. Even though it is rude to become protective and hostile to alienated groups, the avoidance of forms of expression that are perceived to marginalized or insult people who are socially alienated generates more problems (Wikipedia “Political correctness”). The European migrant crisis or European refugee crisis began in 2015. An increasing number of refugees traveled to EU, across the Mediterranean Sea or through Southeast Europe. Despite the fact that people fear of their swarming, in order to be humanistic and politically correct, the government gave permission to the refugees. As a result, the chaos was tragic (Wikipedia “European migrant crisis”). It is absolutely true that we need to be humanistic. However, people need to take more into account rather than only considering the benefits of a certain group. Thoroughly referring to one doctrine will attend to one thing and lose another. people cannot put politics in the first position but pay no attention to others. In our short story, we developed the story based on the unique point that zombies don’t bite people. Some politicians think that it is not fair to kill them because we do not have the right to decide innocent’s people’s death. They are still conscious so that we need to try our best to protect them. Nevertheless, the politicians ignore the potential thread of their action and pay no attention to the benefits of public. Political correctness is a serious problem and usually hard to recognize. We put some plots in our story in order to make people infer some related social
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