Andrew Jackson Persuasive Essay

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Andrew Jackson, keep or throw away? In today’s time some people want Andrew Jackson off of the 20 dollar bill. Some people think that it would be wrong to do this. Well I believe Andrew Jackson should be taken off the twenty dollar bill. Andrew Jackson America’s 7th president/ 2nd worst president (right after John Adams). One of his most famous nicknames was the Indian killer. Andrew Jackson should be removed from the twenty dollar bill because he breaks treaties, abused vetoes, and only believed in the “common man”.
First, Andrew Jackson, our president, broke a treaty. The treaty was called the Treaty of Penn. In 1830 they wanted Indians to move to Oklahoma. In the Article “The Cherokee/Seminole Removal Role Play: The Cherokee section it says that “ Long ago, as …show more content…

He only believed in a “common man”. A “common man” is a white male. He doesn’t have to own land or pay taxes or anything else. That means he had no beliefs in the “common woman” or black men being “common men”.So why should a man be rewarded for not believing in half of America.According to sheppardsoftware.com Andrew Jackson wanted slaves to be slaves, woman to be cooks, and white males to rule the household and conquer the world. He celebrates men that are common. Why can’t blacks be included or women be included? He should be taken off because what if a woman carries 20’s but now doesn’t because the face on there did not believe in woman.
In summary,Jackson is not worthy of being on the 20 dollar bill because he exceded the use of vetoes that any other president before him, broke treaties, and believed only in white men. Jackson has done some good things but, in this case the bad outweighs the good. He has done more bad to this country that I could say good. Yes he was the hero of The Battle of New Orleans, but do remember he broke a treaty. Keep this in mind, would you want Jackson in your pocket controlling you like he did the

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