Circus Animals Should Be Banned Essay

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Everybody loves going to the circus and watching the performances, although-- would they still love it if they saw the truth? Circus animals are trained rigorously to do amazing tricks to perform. People from all over the world pay to be entertained, from the circus to zoos. Confined zoo animals are not treated as well as corporations claim. All types of ongoing, and future animal confinement should be banned, as to prevent any form of animal cruelty-- physical or psychological. The reason behind this debate goes along the lines of effects on the animals that are involved in circuses, zoos, etc., and the social/economic impact of entertainment on society. Keeping these animal entertainment companies and improving them would promise a safe haven for wild animals, as well as animals that are endangered. According to the World Wildlife Fund, “scientists …show more content…

To keep and improve, society will still have entertainment and businesses will profit from these performances including animals. The AZA contributed more than 100 million to fund conservation projects 2011. AZA certified zoos and aquariums have funded over 2,500 conservation projects in more than 100 countries and spend on average $160 million on conservation initiatives yearly. Further legislation, as well as adjustment of the zoo model, can address welfare issues without abandoning the entire wildlife park concept in total. Prohibiting all types of animal confinement for the safety of animals can be beneficial towards most animals, however, obviously affect the economy negatively. Hundreds of animals kept in circuses and private shows around the world are used as a source of entertainment, education, and profit benefits only. In a study, Marcellini found that fewer than 1% of visitors read the signs provided in zoos and zoological parks to educate the visitors about that specific

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