Animal Farm Quote Analysis

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George Orwell, the author of “Ant Farm” illustrates the Russian Revolution War in this novella. Many of the characters and events seen in the story symbolizes a factor of the Russian Revolution War in 1917. In a nutshell, characters like Snowball, Old Major and Napoleon portrays the assertive heros figures in this influential War. Napoleon in particular, a Boar Pig, is known to never contribute to the establishment of Animal Farm. In the beginning of the story, Orwell explains how Napoleon is a “fierce looking” boar who always gets his way. As the story progresses, his only vision of Animal Farm is having power over it.
“In these days Napoleon rarely appeared in public, but spent all his time in the farmhouse, which was guarded at each door by fierce-looking dogs. When he did emerge, it was in a ceremonial manner, with an escort of six dogs who closely surrounded him and growled if anyone came too near. Frequently he did not even appear on Sunday mornings, …show more content…

Orwell speaks to the readers in a formal language that creates an elevated tone. The quote is free of slang, idioms, contractions and colloquialisms. In addition, the sentences contain sophisticated syntax and elegant word choices such as “fierce-looking” and “ceremonial manner”. The type is of syntax used in these sentences is declarative where facts are stated. Also, the sentence is written in a direct speech where the quote is directly how the author wrote the chapter.
In conclusion, one can say that Napoleon is a smart and wicked pig who will get what he wanted. Joseph Stalin’s characteristics are seen through Napoleon’s personality. During the USSR, Stalin was seen as an unrighteous leader who would kill anyone that got in the way of his plans. Millions of people had to face death when they did not cooperate with Stalin. This is what the animals had to face when Napoleon became the

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