Anita Desai And Anmala Markandaya Analysis

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The movement from the outward gross realities to inward complexities found as its mouth piece a number of women novelists who by the peculiar situation of their existence have been able to see the Indian complexities from close quarters, where constraints of varied hues and shades work upon the sensitive individual. Of these women novelists, Anita Desai happens to be the leading voice. She has fascinating stories to tell about individuals who have to traverse a ground too tricky and treacherous to handle smoothly. Anita Desai has become a recorder of the dilemma faced by an individual in the Indian urban set-up. She gets interested in analysis and portrayal of human relationship. Anita Desai and Kamala Markandaya do not make human relationships only of peripheral interest, rather they make them central to their main fictional concern. Since human relationships tell upon the mental and emotional springs, they very often tend to be…show more content…
In such situations, the emotional idealism and practical realities are also very often at variants such as the novels of Anita Desai. The inner most psyche of her protagonist is revealed to us through their interactions with those who are emotionally related to them on the basis of kinship. Anita Desai is another luminary of this brilliant group of women novelists in the firmament of Indian fiction in English. She is gifted with a sensibility with her aesthetic goals. Though not admittedly feminist, Anita Desai is aware of a predicament of Indian women writers. She says, “where as a man is concerned with action, experience and achievement, a women writer is more concerned with thought emotion and sensation”. Anita Desai has been righty considered as the forerunner of the contemporary women’s fiction as she has produced novels which have evoked an
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