Anne Of Green Gables And Beowulf Comparison Essay

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Beowulf and Anne of Green Gables are two heroes that show the same characteristics the only exception is they portray each of these characteristics quite differently. They both have traits like loyalty, perseverance, and anger that are very clearly shown to us. Anne is only a child so her view is very different from Beowulf’s. Anne tends to be highly imaginative, impulsive, and innocent compared to Beowulf, who lived in a time of male superiority where they liked a good fight and drinking. It is a very different mentality, but the traits of a hero never change. You have to be strong willed, loyal and have controlled anger.
The character, Anne shows loyalty in the movie Anne of Green Gables especially in the first movie, this is also a trait that Beowulf demonstrates in the poem. Anne had an extremely awful past as an orphan child, this means that considerably fewer people wanted her due to how much she was outspoken and in her imaginary world. She finally found a
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Beowulf perseveres in the battle and never backs down from his goal to save the people. Anne’s perseverance is fueled by her imagination, past and her tendency to romanticize everything. When Dianna’s little sister got sick and could’ve died Anne was there to help Dianna’s sister and stayed there all night doing so until the doctor arrived. If Anne hadn’t been so persistent on being the kind person she is Dianna’s sister wouldn’t have been alive by the time the doctor got there. Anne does not persevere by killing like Beowulf, but she is remarkably persistent in always saying what she thinks and not backing down. During World War 1 Anne risked her life to find her husband, Gilbert, who was at war. This is her way of showing her perseverance that even in a time of war; she will risk her life to get to those she loves. Being strong willed is usually a good thing unless it is not controlled and it’ll create a lot of
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