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The main problem that would occur is the plants would not be able to conduct photosynthesis at a rate that can support them and they would start to die off. When the plants die off the organisms that eat the plants wont have any food so they will die off and so on. The temperature of the earth would most likely drop due to the lack of sunlight exposure as well. An earthworm wouldn’t suffer a huge amount until the bacteria started to die off due to the overall imbalance of the food chain, earthworms would definitely survive the longest because their food source would be the last to die off. The sharks also would not be affected for a while because it would take time for the algae to die off from lack of sunlight and cause a chain reaction of …show more content…

There is only a certain amount of nutrients that the ground supplies for trees, which doesn’t allow every tree to fully grow. The nutrients one tree is using in one area can restrict how much another tree in the same area can grow because of the competition for the minerals. d. They are most likely to be herbivores that feed off of the plant life at the bottom of the ocean because marine producers (seaweed and kelp) grow from the bottom of the ocean, surface marine life would not make good herbivores because plant life (other than algae) is so scarce. e. Insects that are affected by pesticides generally dwell within buildings where small birds that feed on insects can not reach, so the small birds would feed on insects that aren't affected by the pesticide and therefore wouldn’t die from it. Rodents, however, dwell both inside buildings and outside where the prey birds can reach them, resulting in the prey bird’s consumption of the pesticide. f. Hunting and gathering brings in significantly less food than growing crops and is also much more inconsistent, when the food supply is short, humans don’t tend to repopulate as much as societies with large food supplies. Crops, on the other hand, are consistent and can be grown fairly easily in large masses which doesn’t put restrictions on how much that society

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