Ap English Essay Murder Mystery Story

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A human named Jim is walking down a abandoned hotel looking for something he lost a long time ago. That is a different story lets start with the beginning. Jims dad was dying from blood cancer. While he was dying he said to Jim "My son come closer, take this bat its called the "Unsacred Killer" and keep our family safe from those demons they did this to me kill them all". He then died. Jim was going to get revenge. After years of searching for the exact ones he gave up and went to college. He threw the bat into a abandoned hotel and ran to a normal life. What he didn 't know was that the demons were attracted to the bat.

After 6 years he left college. He saw a picture of his dad and remembered the demons he went to find his bat. He went to the abandoned hotel and saw that the bat was there. He got it and went around the old hotel what he didn 't know was that there was 3 demons waiting for him after 6 years. He saw one it was a shapeless,colorless, and soulless. It screamed in such a pitch it couldn 't be heard with human ears.

The demon saw the bat it lunged for it Jim pulled with fear and hit the …show more content…

The last demon saw this and disappeared for it knew what that bat was and what it could do. He was going to wait however long it toke to revenge his fallen brother 's he would not let this human get away with this.After the fight Jim saw the demon disappear he screamed in rage. He didn 't know what to do next he would just have to wait it out. After 2 years the demon came up with a plan. It would have to lure the human somehow into someplace the human can not see or feel. It also knew the perfect place Hell it also knew a girl it could use to lure the human in. Jim was in a hospital from blood loss. There he met a nurse which was very helpful her name was Jimmies. He saw that she knew something about him. He asked her if she knew anything about demons. She ran away and got into her car he stopped the car and asked her

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