Ap Psychology Personal Statement Examples

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Despite being incredibly passionate about psychology, I cannot seem to pinpoint exactly when and where this passion came from. The farthest I can go back is when I was thirteen and deciding that I would study psychology in college. I didn’t know where I would study it, or what I would do afterwards, but I knew that I wanted to learn about behavior and the human mind. Once I got to high school, I became very serious about what I wanted to do, and what would best help me achieve doing it. I joined my school’s Psychology Club, and took any and all helpful classes. Alongside that, I did anything that I could to ensure myself a good education, including joining three other clubs, and participating in educational programs. I also made sure that I kept myself on top of my schoolwork, which led to my induction into National Honor Society. …show more content…

I took classes such as Psychology in my junior year, followed by AP Psychology my senior year. Apart from those, I also took classes such as Statistics and Probability, Sociology, and made sure to do as well as I could in my biology and chemistry classes. I participated in extracurricular activities apart from Psychology Club such as singing in the school choir for four consecutive years, Drama Club, Ecology Club, and Athena Club, which was dedicated to the topic of gender equality and women’s studies. Furthermore, I participated in Penn State’s Upward Bound Saturday Academy, for which I achieved Honor Roll and Perfect Attendance, before attending their summer

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