Are Sports Paid Too Much

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We live in a world that changes and developing quickly. It is not a surprising that the images of business participating in sports dramatically increased compared to the past. These days, sports teams or just a sports are trying to find a way to market themselves to make more revenue. Many of teams and franchise are not just making their sports team as a winning team but also, focusing on fans and other strategy to grow another revenue source. In the past, sports were exist to keep people fit, healthy, entertainment, and leisure and provide, joyful life. People played sports for their joy, fun of the game and supporting their favorite sports teams without any reason but just loved to watch the game from the heart. As well as, athletics who playing their sports from the heart and not any other reasons.…show more content…
However, many sports todays is just another business in our lives. Not most of athletics, but some athletics are playing sports for money and only thinks about how to make more money. Nevertheless, sports owners are focusing more on ways how to make their franchise as most valuable team in the world than winning the game and championship. This is why sports teams are trying to contract star players with unbelievable salaries and paying huge amount of transfer fees that makes it difficult for sports clubs to handle with it. Because, business man knew that buying star players can increase the value of teams. Additionally, growing of high salaries, transfer fees, and money affected the ticket prices. The cost of ticket price was very reasonable, and affordable in past year. Now, to get good seats, or even regular seats, the price of ticket is dramatically high for fans to afford
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