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Argentina (The Land of Contrast) -By Karan Patel Know the Country- Argentina, officially known as the Argentine Republic, is a country located in South America. It is the eight largest country in the world and shares its border with other South American giants such as Chile, Brazil and Uruguay. A few details of Argentina have been mentioned below as a part of the introduction as well as further need of understanding as we go ahead in the report. Official Language Spanish Currency Argentine Peso Government Federal Presidential/ Constitutional Republic Population (2014 estimate) 42,669,5000 Capital Buenos Aires Link to the Major economies- The Major Economy I have compared Argentina mainly to, is Brazil. There are a lot of similarities…show more content…
My name is Álvaro Lopez. I am from the ‘Country of Contrast’ or rather, the country from where Lionel Messi is as you may remember. Yes, that right- Argentina!From the tropical heat to the Antarctic cold, we have it all. So now, I am going to briefly take you through the journey of my life as well as enlighten you about what Argentina is like. So I was born during the year 1981 in the beautiful city of Rio Gallegos, to Mr. and Mrs. Lopez. I am currently a professional footballer playing for my hometown club ‘Boca Rio Gallegos’. I love economics and have a great love for my country. I also have a beautiful wife named Catrina Alveś with whom I have a 6 year old son, Álvaro De Santos Jr. My dad, Pablo De Santos Lopez, is a Roman Catholic by religion and a fisherman by occupation. He is a high school graduate and is very much attached to this city as it is his ancestral hometown. His regular routine was to fish from Friday to Sunday and then sell them in the Tuesday Market. The rest of the days, he would work in a cotton farm. My mother, Elena De Cruz Lopez, was also a Roman Catholic. She is originally from the Tigre but after her marriage she moved to Rio Gallegos with my dad. She is a high school graduate as well and used to work in a cotton farm during our time in
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