Argument Against Racism

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Racism has been a nuisance in American history which would lead to severe consequences such as suicidal thoughts, a society where people don 't trust and respect each other, and even results emotionally; fear, hatred, and low self-esteem. Although racism cannot be changed or fixed we could still decrease the progress of racism. Additionally, racism is not a burden to be born of but instead, is determined by the surroundings of a person such as a peer pressure or even family influences from parents
Living through the years of change we as children learn and crafted from our surroundings. The way we are raised in our family or even in our environment of friends due to peer pressure we choose our characteristics of who we will grow up to be.
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Basically, as a child, we begin to develop our characteristics from learning of our surroundings. Additionally, the article Is Racism Taught or Learned – Learned elaborates that racism stands more over a taught based structure from the surroundings of a family or peer views. The unknown author of this article then states, “Racism has been learned throughout its known history by the same methods that sexism is taught. It is learned from examples set by family members, peers, and society.” From this, we could then evaluate that racism has been known for years and throughout history; because of this the author gives the analogy of Racism becomes learned due similar to sexism or suffrage. Also, the author includes the example of family members, peers as a guide to the child 's character. This connects to racism in school because it shows that growing up our family members are examples to how we act for we are around them most if its an orphanage family to an extended family and if this family acts racist then it molds the child to learning to act racist. As varied family members become examples of racism to their children racism will remain shown as a learned effect rather than signifying born of
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