Argumentative Essay: Gun Control Will Not Reduce Crime

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Gun Control Will Not Reduce Crime In the past few years, the debates of gun control in the United States are never stop. People consider gun control as a way to protect ordinary citizens. Unfortunately, gun control seems perfect, but it cannot stop criminals to obtain guns illegally. Gun control represents no guns and shootings, but in another way, it also means no resistance. Gun control laws create safe environment for criminals rather than other people, because only criminals would get guns if the government prohibit owning guns. Thus, guns are using for self-defense, the advantages of gun using greatly outweigh the disadvantages. Since people are able to protect themselves by using guns when they are in danger, the government should encourage people to own guns instead of prohibiting them. Guns are not the key factor that cause numerous violent incidents, they do not kill people, but people do. The main reason of causing those incidents is people’s morals and values. If guns are illegal to use, criminals would simply switch another methods to kill people. At Fort Lauderdale airport shooting in 2017, six people were injured while five people were killed in this shooting. The suspect in this shooting has serious mental problem. Hence, gun control laws cannot …show more content…

The government should encourage people to own guns. Many violent incidents happened in the situation which victims do not have firearms to defend. Therefore, gun control would not reduce crime. Guns are tools, they cannot kill people, civilians are able to use guns for self-defense. Guns control laws are meaningless, prohibit guns cannot make people feel safer. People should purchase guns and keep them in the safe place. Sometimes, guns can help people out of danger. Moreover, the government should improve the gun laws and fix the loopholes to make the laws perfect enough. People live in this country rely on guns to protect

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