Argumentative Essay: How Technology Changed Our World

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10 years back, my definition of technology was flipping hand phones that had individual buttons for letters and numbers and also bulky computers that would take almost fifteen minutes to load up before you can even start to use them. Nevertheless, I still thought that those technologies were the best and never have I imagined them to expand to something far beyond my expectations. Society states that technology gives them good impacts and benefits. Maybe because they like the idea of technology granting their satisfaction in life and how it eases their work. However, looking back on how technology had affected our life, the negative overweighs positive. From what I see, technology has affected young generations the most which is dangerous.…show more content…
Its how we decide to use it. Unfortunately, its chosen to be used in the negative way and so it has contributed badly to the society. Technology has inhibit ones creativity and has trained children to think depending on technology. I remember childhood life, my entertainment was way different than the ones we have now. Whenever I got bored, I would grab a piece of paper, colourful pens and markers and drew anything that came out of my mind. I didn’t have a piano back then, but my friend would play with the chords and attempt to write melodies. I’ve always been amazed by young pianist for their ability to correlate their hands and to read the notes at the same time. Other than that, we would also play with Barbie dolls and pretend to feed babies to make us entertained. Boys then preferred to play soccer in the afternoon or play with Legos and build up their own sculptures. These are the things that enhances children creativity. To compare it with todays era, children are shoved with video games, social medias and the Internet. They aren’t able to visualize things themselves as they are already fed with imaginations and images from screens. Back then, we would have to pretend and imagine by ourselves to picture the images that we are thinking. However today, people are creating those images for them without giving them a chance to imagine themselves. This shows that younger generations today are dependent on technology to think and imagine beyond their own potential. Moreover, children tend to be introverts and antisocial as they are more comfortable living in their digital

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