Baseball Is Dying Essay

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Is Baseball Fading Economically? Is baseball dying? With the declining television ratings for the World Series, many people think that it is in fact “dying.” Ken Rosenthal of Fox Sports states, “Baseball is not dying, not even close,” (Rosenthal par. 2). The economics of baseball are out an all-time high. Players are being paid more than ever and attendance totals are sky rocketing. With that being said, baseball is often thought of as America’s pastime; how could anything as historic as that collapse? Baseball is one of the most popular sports among young children. Ask practically any man and perhaps some females and they surely have played baseball at some point in their lives. Baseball is not only a popular American sport; it is also played all over the world. According to the article, “Baseball: Dying Sport or Strong as Ever?” on the website, “More than 15 million kids around the country play baseball each spring and summer” …show more content…

People believe that baseball is dying, but with facts like the Los Angeles Dodgers getting sold for $1.5 billion dollars, which is a record for a North American sports franchise, how could baseball be dying?(Rosenthal Par. 5). The past eight seasons of Major League Baseball have produced the eight highest attendance totals in history, despite the economic downturn. With this year’s World Baseball Classic over, the attendance showed the world’s interest in baseball. Watching the classic, people showed the love for the game is still there and has no hints of fading away. Many other countries throughout the world love the game. In much money left to spend on other players. But they also signed three other players to multi-million dollar contracts. With the Dodgers hoping to become an elite team in the MLB once again, they have to shell out expensive contracts like those to get great players on their

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