Argumentative Essay On Healthy Food

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The human body was built to function with what we now call “healthy food”. A long time ago, when there was no such thing as junk food, there was no grouping of foods into “unhealthy” and “healthy”. Food was a necessity to produce energy for the day. Although we don’t use as much physical energy as our ancestors did, we still require good nutrition for energy to power our bodies. It is important for a society as a whole to practice healthy living since there are many benefits that come along. Not only does it improve the physical condition of an individual, but it can boost the economy as each individual’s health can be a crucial factor that change the course of a society. However, in comparison of the two groups, unhealthy foods tend to be much cheaper than the healthy foods, preventing the customers from making the healthier choice. The price gap between the two categories of food shouldn’t be big enough that people will choose the cheaper foods by risking their health in the future. The “right” food for one’s body cannot be generalized as every human is different, and so is each culture. However, with deeper understanding in anatomy, scientists and nutritionists are able to estimate the amount of calorie intake a person needs through the course of a day. As a basic principle, there are 3 factors that decide the calorie intake of an individual: Basal Metabolic Rate (BMR), Energy Consumption during Physical Activity, and the Thermic Effect of Food. The BMR is the amount of

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