Argumentative Essay: Was Johnson Burning The American Flag?

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Was Johnson really exercising his right to free speech while burning the American flag? Some would argue he did, but others will say he didn’t. In most cases, majority would say he wasn’t practicing free speech which lead him to dishonor the U.S. flag. Flag burning will endanger the symbol of the role as representation of nationhood and national unity. We would be permitting a Sate to “prescribe what shall be orthodox” by saying that one may burn the flag to convey one’s attitude toward it and its referents only if one does not endanger the flag’s representation. Here I stand to say that for Johnson to burn the flag is very disturbing to our country as well to our peers. For him to do that wasn’t right and very rude. Many U.S. troops fight for our flag each and every day for our freedom and for us to live a natural free life instead of having many rules that would over power us.…show more content…
That is very dishonoring for him to burn the flag. Many people died for our country to keep the flag up and high to show how great our country is. By Johnson for burning the flag he could have cause many people in danger if it got out of control.
Burning the flag is a very dishonor to the United States and everything in between. The flag represents nationhood which gives us the freedom we need and want. Johnson for burning the flag leads to many causes. For him to do that, that’s means he doesn’t honor our nations freedom as well as the unity of our governments.
If Johnson wasn’t careful with what he did he wouldn’t have been in this big of a situation. He caused a lot of people to dislike him in many ways. The physical abuse of the flag carried out in a way likely to be offensive which lead him to be in a big
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