Argumentative Speech On Athletes

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Good morning/ afternoon Athletes are admired for the hard work they do to achieve their goal of winning. People look up to them and want to be like them, but in reality, no one is perfect. In this presentation, I will explain how a group of people in society is represented across two texts and the effects of the aesthetic features on audience positioning. The chosen texts are a video and an article. The first text is a video of Charles Barkley, who was a famous NBA player. He joined a Nike campaign in 1993 called “I am not a role model” that aimed to promote the acceptance that athletes are not role models. Even though this was a long time ago, this video is still used as an example when relating to this controversial topic and strongly positions the audience to agree. The target audience of this video is people who view and think of athletes as role models. Children especially view famous people as role models and tend to think athletes as one of them. The speech invites the…show more content…
Here are some examples. This makes the audience think, does the athlete display these actions. Which positions them to be aware of who they are truly looking up to. Karl says that he isn’t perfect himself and you don't have to be perfect to be a good role model, and people shouldn't expect perfection. Throughout this article, he writes in a way that’s informative yet creates the reader to feel empathy. From the use of first-person language, it can be seen that this topic is very personal to him and he tries his best to keep an open mind by understanding various viewpoints. Relating back to the line from the first text, “Just because I dunk a basketball, doesn’t mean I should raise your kids” Karl believes that sometimes parents do need assistance and parents should be role models, but children have countless role models than just their
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