Arguments Against Amendment 2

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I believe that Amendment 2 should be ranked number one because to all the people I believe there’s a need to feel for safety, safety develops things such as organization, communication, and efficient collaboration. Then, Amendment 1 would be next because I think that the people 's voices matter, either in forms of the press or speech, more importantly the freedom to choose what you believe in should not be a limitation. Next, I wanted to make sure that all people are treated fairly and be educated on their rights, so that they have the possibilty to defend themselves against a choice made by the government that doesn 't feel right with them, this lets the government know their boundaries and understand that America is ruled by the power of the people. The people are the ones who have the power to choose the officials who represent them, forming an effective communicative system between the people and the …show more content…

In this case Eric Harris was suffering from obsessive - compulsive symptoms (unhealthy recurring thoughts or actions). He was also prescribed Antidepressant Luvox Fluvoxamine to treat his social anxiety disorder (social phobia). So if we were to do a complete mental check and public health check, I believe that on that day, many lives could have been saved including the ones of the shooters. That’s why we should enforced this amendment, on the websites that sell guns and the companies so they are able to follow this portal call, running the background check on customers, because what I’m seeing is that these companies are not in fact the 2nd amendment is saying. The meaning of the right to bear arms is so that the people have weapons to protect themselves but in the hands of mentally unstable people, others are in danger. I think that if the people’s safety are at risk, the constitution and all the amendments would be completely disregarded, security comes first and foremost for all and I’m afraid that’s the only line that is holding the constitution

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