Ashlynn Has A Tendency To Speak A Little Fast In Her Normal Conversations

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LP2.1 Assignment: Verbal Communication
In Chapter 9 of Kinn’s The Medical Assistant textbook, read the 9-1 Critical Thinking Application on page 141. Answer the questions below.
9-1 Critical Thinking Application: Ashlynn has a tendency to speak a little fast in her normal conversations. How will she need to adjust as she is answering phones in the medical office? She also is a friendly person and enjoys talking on the phone. What precautions should she take so that this does not become an issue on the job?
Write at least 2 paragraphs regarding: How would Ashlynn adjust her speaking on the phones?
When answering the phones in a medical office, it is important to speak clearly so that patients can understand what is being communicated with them. …show more content…

Ashlynn has a friendly personality on the phone, but has the tendency to be too talkative – this can disrupt the flow of the office and cause annoyance with patients who are waiting to be assisted. It also reflects poorly on Ashlynn as it makes her appear careless and irresponsible. Patients who are in need of medical care will become impatient with her, resulting in a potential conflict among staff and clientele. The patient should always be the primary priority and it is up to Ashlynn to correct her behaviour; she is the professional and should take responsibility for keeping phone calls brief and to the point into her own hands. She can rectify this behaviour by keeping notes of all of the information she requires from a patient, or to create a script that she can follow to assure that phone calls are as brief as possible without forgetting any important details.
Occasionally, there will be a chatty client who overshares or takes a while to get to their point. In that case, it is important to respectfully wrap up the call promptly, particularly if there are other patients awaiting service. Another way that phone calls can be shortened is to have a list of frequently asked questions and their answers, so Ashlynn doesn’t have to spend a lot of time looking for information – when a professional is sorting through material seeking clarifications for a client, they are more prone to engage in small talk which can easily get out of hand if not managed

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