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I decided to change career paths in 2015. I had already been awarded my bachelor’s degree in business management with a concentration in small business and desire to utilize my degree. I eventually landed an entry job as a contractor for Atlanta Navy Recruiting Command. My job is overseeing the process of Navy officer applicants. I interact with recruiters on daily basis regarding reserve officer applicants and active officer applicants. My purpose is to process the applicant’s personal information into a generated system without errors so they can be pro-boarded in a timely manner and prove that the applicant is qualified by preparing all documents needed. I also do their enlistment or commissioning once they are accepted into the Navy. The …show more content…

I would analyze past reports and assessments. The second step would be to provide Balanced Scorecard education which will benefit my team and increase involvement from every employee. Step three will consist of confirming the information gathered in step one, which will summarize or outline the need to translate the strategy or revamp the strategy. Step four would be to obtain feedback from leadership on the organization’s position (internally and externally) and objectives for the scorecard. Step five will notate the strategic goal in an obtainable detailed perspective. It will highlight the main objectives, for example NRD Atlanta would need to consider this perspective: Employee Learning and Growth-emphasize on team cohesion. Another example for NRD Atlanta would be Internal Process- focus on internal and external communication. As a part of step five, I would need to meet with lower-level employees for their feedback and discuss the accuracy of the gathered information which should link their tasks with the strategy. Step six is needed for developing performance measures. For my specific job, as an Officer Processor, I would be rated differently compared to …show more content…

In my opinion, their strategy lacks depth and direction. As an organization with different districts, headquarters, and recruiting stations their mission and values are clearly stated, but on an individual level they are not enforced. Even though the company encourage innovation, feedback from employees goes unnoticed making it hard for team cooperation. Recently, changes were made to our involvement with the recruiter and the applicant. Our duty was not only to process their paperwork that was prepared by the recruiter but to meet them and discuss their answers so we can eliminate errors. The alteration did not last long before we were back to our original tasks. There is no consistency. I say that because everyone wants to be in charge and conduct things they feel is appropriate without knowing the duties and limitations of other contributors. For example, because they change the software program where we upload our kits, we cannot see the current status without calling the project manager or looking throughout the whole database. Majority of the time, the database is not accurate. Another example, we are all given board dates and submission dates but if a kit is received late, the processors cannot submit them until they are reviewed and corrected and sometimes the kits do not make the submission date and would have to wait for the next board date

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