A Brief Note On The Wounded Warrior Project

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Pete Cataldo: Website Title: Wounded Warrior Project Places 1000th “Warrior to Work”
Article Title: Wounded Warrior Project Places 1000th to Work
Recovery: Business Wire “http://www.businesswire.com/”
09 OCT. 13 Date Accessed: August 02, 2015

(Josh) Pete Cataldo, a representative from WWP, was directly referenced through the creditability handed out from the nationwide known agency known as Business Wire, “The mission of the Wounded Warrior Project® (WWP) is to honor and empower Wounded Warriors.” (web)The wounded warrior project was developed in 2003 and directly assisted veterans that were wounded while serving in combat theatre in the middle east. The organization over the years has grown efficiently large and nationally recognized while …show more content…

When they enter the civilian world, they are heading into an entirely new, uncharted phase of life with both challenges and opportunities to navigate.” (web) In order to understand the struggle and changes in society for veterans, they need someone who can understand them and utilize trades developed through the military in which can be offered to civilian employment agencies. The inability to successfully obtain this help and guidance is inevitably discouraging to veterans. Many exit the military and miss the camaraderie and sense of continuous operations. The ability to manage this with the right mindset is difficult for many Veterans especially to those who are disabled. “The mission of the Wounded Warrior Project® (WWP) is to honor and empower Wounded Warriors.” (web) Specific to the term ‘empowering’ which is a large struggle on it’s own without the proper guidance to remain motivated. The WWP not only enables and empowers veterans to be their own success story, they also provide an increase in awareness and benefit from many programs that are offered to include employment. Satisfying employment for a veteran is difficult, the numbers speak for its own for one thousand veterans who have started their new chapter after the military. The WWP has proven its ability to provide proper resources and support as well as being the proper and much needed influence on the community of Veterans in the nation …show more content…

Tim Mak is a Senior Congressional Correspondent for The Daily Beast news website and a former writer at The Washington Examiner. The article raises the question, “Is the Wounded Warrior Project really helping these veterans the way they say they are?” Mak interviews many soldiers, both active and retired, about how they have been treated by the WWP and what they think about them. One veterans advocate tells Mak, “It’s more about the Wounded Warrior Project and less about the wounded warrior,” when asked about how he views the organization. There is also a list of discrepancies in the article, information given from the company itself weighed against the facts. The WWP reports that they spend 73% of their budget on programs for veterans but after investigation by outside sources, the truth came out to be only 58% of the budget spent for veteran programs. The CEO’s salary also comes under fire from critics, stating he makes almost $400,000 a year while there are veterans in need of that money. His rebuttal is that he makes less than a tenth of a percent of their budget, so he isn’t taking more than he should. The opposition voices their opinion about the detractors, saying that they’re jealous of the donations the WWP receives and that their smaller organizations are not collecting as well as they are. The organization is supported even by its fiercest detractors who believe in what the WWP is doing. Their main concern is that the WWP can do much more in order to be a more

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