Auto Mechanic Career Paper

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My future career choice is to become a certified diesel mechanic. I chose this career because ever since I was old enough to walk I have been working on vehicles with my dad and I really enjoy it. I listened to what he told me, I paid attention to the parts as well as the essentials, and I comprehended most of the things I did with him. This career interests me because automotive mechanics is completely different from diesel mechanics. I like to learn all of the new technology and all of the new engines. I also enjoy learning how they work and how to assemble them. Working with diesel engines has its perks and also has its flaws. You can work on anything from an alignment to completely re assembling an engine. Some of the things you would do is, service and repairing engines, working with electrical systems, major engine repairs, and retrofit exhaust systems with emission control systems to comply with pollution regulations. You will be in a tight situation sometimes because you have to work in uncomfortable spots, wet areas, cold areas, and even dangerous areas. To become a diesel mechanic you must have a high school diploma with a little bit of smarts in the math, electronic and the automotive fields. It would be a lot better to have some experience …show more content…

In 2012 the median pay by hour was at $20.35. Yearly pay was at approximately $42,320. You can receive on the job training and discounts on some of the tools if you were looking into buying some for your own purposes or if you just wanted to use your own tools for the work, which would also look better on you. In 2012 there was around 250, 800 diesel mechanic related jobs. On the job hours determine which field of diesel mechanics you would go into. Most jobs dealing with diesel mechanics are a 24 hour service, so you could be working for however long you are told

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