Compare And Contrast Essay: The Man Who Drive A Diesel Truck

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There are two kinds of people in this world. Those who want to drive a gas truck, and the men that drive a diesel truck. A lot of people say there is no difference between the two. Obviously they have never driven a twin turbo diesel truck and experienced the raw power of a truck with a launch so powerful, that the passengers find themselves stuck to the back of their seats, and their body rendered powerless due to the sheer force these beasts produce. There is a huge difference between diesel and gassers. I guess if that doesnt woo someone, then let’s move onto the size difference. In most of the gas trucks I have been in, the back seat is a leg cruncher they literally give passengers no room. While a diesel usually has plenty of room to move around in. If that doesn 't get you on the diesel side I have another subject that will do it. This only applies to people who aren’t in the tree hugger, that drives an electric because it is safe for the ecosystem category. Modifications someone can change on a diesel truck to give it more power. So now it is time to decide either be the kind of guy that drives a gasser, or the kind of guy that drives a diesel. First thing first, I want to contrast is the size difference, because this is the one thing…show more content…
With a gas truck there are not many modifications that a person can make to them. Some things a person can do to a gas truck is they can put a lift kit and chip it or even straight pipe it. But a diesel can handle a twin turbo with a chip and not blow up the engine. Also a diesel looks a lot better with a lift kit than a gas truck. Some thing else is that it sounds way better then a gas does. Finally is much someone can change the look of the actual truck. The number one thing that looks better on a diesel then it does on a gas is putting a flat bed on the back instead of putting on a regular

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