Bad Sugar Research Paper

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Sugar, is it that bad? Everybody knows sugar. There is brown sugar, normal sugar, icing sugar and a lot of other forms. Almost everyone eats sugar, but often people do not notice it. Nowadays sugar is almost everywhere in the news, but is it really that bad? First of all, you have the bad and the good sugar. Bad sugar is added to products and good sugars are the natural sugars. First the bad sugar, this sugar is added to products like candy, ice creams and a lot of other sweet stuff. This sugar is not healthy and people know this sugar. On the other hand, there is the good sugar. Good sugar is a natural sugar. This sugar is more hidden in the food than the added sugar. People often do not know that this sugar is in their products. As an example, a fruit juice,…show more content…
Only not too much because it can have an addictive effect. It gives you energy for a few hours and after these few hours you will get tired, then people are going to eat more sugar so they will get energetic again. But your body needs more and more sugar to get to the same level of energy again. And that is the reason why sugar is addicting. Sceintists say that it will cause problems. People who only eat products that contains sugar have a higher risk of getting heart diseases, diabetes or another sugar related disease. And it is very difficult to eat no sugar. First of all because almost all the food in the supermarket contains sugar. Secondly, because sugar can be really addictive. And third of all, because it makes the food sweet and people love sweet. In conclusion, sugar can be really bad for people if they eat to much of it. But sugar can really fit into a healthy diet/ lifestyle, people just need to find the right combination and then it will be okay. But if you do not exercise, even if you walk everyday for around 30 minutes or something it is enough, you will gain weight and you will have higher
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